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Erastus J. Perry: 1880/1900 US Census

If Erastus J. Perry were born in 1886 or 1887, as suggested by the 1920 and 1930 census, or even 1884 or 1885, as suggested by the 1910 census, the 1900 census would have been his first census debut. However, he seems to be shying away for the 1900 census. It seems like I've searched everywhere for him, his mother, and even his siblings, but to no avail.

I decided to check out the 1880 US census for Wyonna and hopefully, Erastus' father. I found the following in Lower Sabine in Calcasieu Parish:

Richman Perry, white, male, age 32, married, laborer, b. LA, f.b. LA, m.b. LA

Ona Perry, white, female, age 24, wife, married, keeping house, b. LA, f.b. MS, m.b. MS

Azema Perry, white, female, age 4, daughter, b. LA, f.b. LA, m.b. LA

Margaret Perry, white, female, age 2, daughter, b. LA, f.b. LA, m.b. LA

William H. Perry, white, male, age 5/12, son, b. LA, f.b. LA, m.b. LA

Estimated birth dates:
Richman Perry: b. abt 1847-1848
Ona Perry: b. abt 1855-1856
Azema Perry: b. abt 1875-1876
Margaret Perry: b. abt 1877-1878
William H. Perry: b. abt Dec 1879

This looks like a close match for Erastus' family because of the following:
1) We know Erastus' mother's name is Wyonna from the 1910 and 1920 census. She was born about 1854-1855 in Louisiana. This Ona was born about 1855-1856 in Louisiana. Ona is likely a nickname for Wyonna.
2) William H. Perry, Erastus' brother, according to the 1910 census, was born about 1879-1880 in Louisiana. This William H. Perry was born about Dec 1879 in Louisiana.
3) Erastus had a brother named Richmon Perry, according to the 1910 census. The father in this family is named Richman Perry.
4) Azema and Margaret do not show up in the 1910 census, but this is probably because they were married with families of their own in 1910. They would probably not have lived at home with their mother.
5) Levenia, Erastus, Richmon (the son), and Eulah would not have shown up in this census, as they were all born after 1880, according to the 1910 census.

The only discrepancy is that on this census, Wyonna's father's birthplace is given as Mississippi. The 1910 and 1920 census records give her father's birthplace as Louisiana.

I decided to read the 1900 census for Lower Sabine line by line to again look for Erastus' family. I did not find them but found the following families:

Aug L. Perry, age 48, b. Dec 1851 in TX
Alice Perry, age 38, b. Feb 1862 in LA
Johnson A. Perry, age 19, b. Jun 1880 in LA
Benson Perry, age 18, b. Feb 1882 in LA
Raymond Perry, age 15, b. Jan 1885 in LA
Gussie Perry, age 5, b. Jan 1894 in LA

Jos. L. Perry, age 38, b. Sep 1861 in LA
Hattie Perry, age 31, b. Nov 1869 in LA
William Perry, age ?, b. Aug 1885 in LA
Lillie Perry, age 14, b. Feb 1886 in LA
Lucius Perry, age 8, b. Mar 1892 in LA
Gracie Perry, age 2, b. Jan 1898 in LA

Wm. L. Perry, age 45, b. Apr 1855 in TX
Catha Perry, age 44, b. Oct 1855 in LA

Edgar Perry, age 27, b. Sep 1872 in LA
Lea Perry, age 27, b. Mar 1873 in LA
Lonnie Perry, age 8, b. Jan 1892 in LA
Agnes Perry, age 3, b. Jun 1896 in LA
Adam Perry, age 1, b. Mar 1899 in LA

Alzena Perry, age 51, b. May 1849 in LA
Mary Perry, age 23, b. Nov 1876 in LA
Emily Sonnier, age 80, b. May 1820 in LA

Alexander Perry, age 41, b. May 1859 in LA (wonder if this was Vinton's first mayor)
Minervia Perry, age 36, b. Mar 1864 in LA
Estella Perry, age 19, b. Apr 1881 in LA
Luther Perry, age 17, b. May 1883 in LA
Ethel Perry, age 14, b. Sep 1886 in LA
Cleave Perry, age 12, b. Nov 1888 in LA
Lister Perry, age 9, b. Jul 1890 in LA
Artian Perry, age 6, b. Aug 1893 in LA
Elmer Perry, age 3, b. Apr 1896 in LA
Lillian Perry, age 1, b. Apr 1899 in LA

William L. and Catherine Perry, who lived next door to Wyonna and her children in 1910, show up in 1900.

Not much was found for certain with these searches. Perhaps Erastus' father's name was Richman Perry.

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